Monday, July 25, 2011

Jack Oliver former President of The Beatles' Apple Records - Currently Developing Films and Other Projects

It is a delight working with collaborative development partner Jack Oliver these past number of years now. This article features Jack, former Beatles' Apple Corps executive and President of the renown Apple Records. Jack's impressive history has never stopped writing itself with one significant accomplishment after another, right up to what he's currently got going.

But Jack's bio speaks for itself...

Jack Oliver was born and raised in London, England and got his start in the music industry at Chappell’s Music Publishing on Bond Street. After two years at Chappell’s, he formed a band with songwriter, Gary Osborne called “The Chocolate Watchband.” The band signed with
Decca Records, but after severalsuccessful singles -- disbanded.

In 1967, Oliver joined from the Beatles Company, Apple in the music publishing division. After working with famed Apple publicist Derek Taylor, he also managed Mary Hopkin when she was first signed. Oliver became the Head of Apple Records from 1969 – 1971

When the Beatles split in 1971, Oliver moved to Los Angeles, California wh
ere he partnered with Peter Asher in a firm specializingin management, production and publishing for acclaimed artists such as Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

Oliver went on to produce concerts and tours in the United States and abroad for Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Barbara Streisand, Carole King, America, The Motels and The Eagles. In addition, he produced videos and handled product management for Disney Pictures, Jordache Jeans, Virgin Video, Datsun Motors, Madonna, and Elton John - plus concept development and production of the long-running Las Vegas show, 'SPLASH.'

From 1994 –2001, Oliverwas a personal advisor and chief of staff for Academy-Award winning actor, Nicolas Cage. In this capacity, Oliver also managed Cage’s production companies -- Saturn Productions and Saturn Films.

Oliver is currently writing and producing. He has three projects in active development, including: a documentary celebrating the Beatles company Apple , a Sixties era musical drama; and his first autobiographical novel.

Jack Oliver and Randy Olsen pictured together (Jack on the right).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

'The Good Life with Jesse Dylan' - Avalible March 1st

It's a delight working with Jesse Dylan, Wiley & Sons, and the team on the launch of this great new book, The Good Life!

Jesse Dylan really wants to help people improve their lives. His life was transformed by the amazing people he's interviewed, on his radio show, over the years and now he wants to share these insights, that helped him, with everyone.

And that's exactly what he does in this book, The Good Life with Jesse Dylan: Redefining Your Health with the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time

You'll get the idea when you watch the book trailer that we created...

Visit the publisher's website for more info. on...

The Good Life with Jesse Dylan: Redefining Your Health with the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time


"The Good Life is the new definition of holistic health - it's a book that will help change lives."

- Deepak Chopra, author of Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment

"The wisdom and practices in this book will usher you into a holistic way of life that supports your purpose on the planet—to flourish and glow as you deliver your talents, gifts, and skills for the benefit of all beings."

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, a
uthor of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

“Jesse Dylan has attracted the most amazing, powerful and influential leaders in the categories that matter most. It’s brilliant – people will love this book!”

- Leeza Gibbons, television and radio host

"The Good Life by Jesse Dylan is a powerful and in depth integration of some of the wisdom gifts of some outstanding visionaries and holistic thinkers of this era covering the full spectrum of body, mind, and spiritual information and inspiration. It is a wonderful synergy that will support and encourage many into living the Good Life."

- Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of There is a Cure for Diabetes, Conscious Eating, Depression Free for LIfe, and Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

"In The Good Life, Jesse Dylan has gathered a perfect blend of viewpoints and guidelines for healthy living, from some of the most brilliant minds of our time. If you are searching for ideas to expand your consciousness in the areas of health, wealth and happiness this book is a must read!"

- Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, authors of Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven

"The inspired thoughts and insights in The Good Life will help people create their dreams and live the abundant life they are meant to enjoy.

- Dr. John Demartini, author The Riches Within


The Book Launch Team (alphabetical order): Dan Del Campos, Robin Dutta-Roy, Jesse Dylan, Leah Fairbank, Christopher Hillman, Erin Kelly, David Langer, Randy Olsen, John Raatz, Dea Shandera, Justin Sudds

Book Trailer Credits: Eric Allen (location camera), Filip Dobosz (studio camera), Jesse Dylan (executive producer), Christopher Hillman (producer), Brian Holt (location camera / field producer), Randy Olsen (producer / director /
behind-the-scenes camera), Dea Shandera (producer), Ricco Yeung (editor), AJ Vesak (director)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fast for the Planet - Love Yourself, Heal the Planet

My enthusiasm grows as we prepare for the first 'Juice Fast for Peace' launching March 1st 2009 in Los Angeles!

It is a joy working with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Michael Bedar, Jaia Lee and the Fast teams at both The Tree of Life and Agape International Spiritual Center on this beautiful project educating people about plant based diets!

Dr. Michael Beckwith, Gabriel Cousens, MD and staff guide you on a spiritual journey of transformation to unblock the Divine source of youth, vitality and harmony. Embrace a lifestyle and diet that enhances feeling oneness with the planet, and reduces 1.5 tons of carbon footprint per year per person.

It is exciting to know about how many people will learn and shift from what we are staring here. Helping to heal ourselves and the planet through reducing the dietary and lifestyle effects that cripple our living planet's ecosystem (which we are inseparably a part of).

Juice Fast for Peace -- Heal the Planet and Ourselves

March 1st - 8th 2009
Los Angeles

"We're not trying to save the world, we're trying to server an emrging paradigm." - Rev. Michael Beckwith

Palm Springs International Film Festival

This film festival has always been dear to my heart. The energy in which Sony Bono founded it still remains to this day (boy was Sony a nice guy). I have seen some amazing films and met some talented, lovely people, at this festival, over the years (some of which have remained valued friends). One film, that still stands out in my mind, is the documentary on the impact that China's crimes have had on the people of Tibet titled 'What Remains of Us.' If you get the opportunity to experience this film it's worth the time.

This year I was very impressed with the black tie gala awards. The tribute reels were well produced and the evening moved at a good, smooth pace. Among the honorees this year were
Ron Howard, Dustin Hoffman, Clint Eastwood, Anne Hathaway, Gus Van Sant, Sean Penn and others. I was most touched by the Ron Howard tribute... it's clear that this guy is allowing his light to shine. Ever kind, understanding, patient and caring his genuine heart shows
in his work. Ron is a clear example of someone living their purpose, their passion. He loves what he does and does it well, thoughtfully and throughly. He has touched so many in the most positive way, a joy to work with.

Client Eastwood also touched me. Though he often plays the though guy he clearly has a sensitive side. I have always found him to be kind, taking time for most everyone. I was standing backstage, just to his right, as he was watching the tribute reel play prior to being brought on stage. When the clip of his late mother came on screen, her says "I fell in love with him the moment they handed him to me," his eyes welled up with tears.
I felt the sentimental energy and connected to his sensitivity.

I enjoyed this evening and this year's festival. I must say that I have felt a profound shift in the way I approach such events. What's important has shifted and I see things in a very different light. It's easy to iden
tify substance and authenticity now and it's clear that renown should follow substance rather than fame waging the dog.

I did not know Josh Brolin before this evening but I got'a say he was a class act... a nice guy. Gus Van Sant is also worth mentioning... clearly a man that runs deep... quite, deep. Gus was a friend of the late River Phoenix (River was an animal rights supporter and proponent of plant based diets long before it was cool... He paved the way in Hollywood for where we are today... River was a sweet soul, the first person to introduce me to gourmet vegetarian food and explain to me the impacts of meat consumption on our environment and health.

Thank you to all that had a hand in hosting us in the most elegant way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deepak Chopra Webcast Series - "Jesus and the Awakening to God-Consciousness"

I am deeply grateful to be a part of this free six week series. This is powerful stuff! We are fast moving toward oneness and unity.

Join best-selling author and renowned spiritual leader Deepak Chopra along with leading Unity minister Wendy Craig-Purcell for a bold upcoming six-part video Webcast series on “Jesus and the Awakening to God-Consciousness,” based on Chopra’s recent book “The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore.”

The Web series contends that Jesus was not trying to start a new religion, nor was he aiming his teachings at
some people and not others. He was pointing the way for all of us to experience the awakening that he himself had experienced.

The Web series explores each phase in the journey to God-consciousness and how you can apply the wisdom of Jesus on your own path to enlightenment. We’re not trying to change anyone’s mind or beliefs. We’re just offering an alternative view.”
Chopra sees Jesus' teachings as unive
rsal, even though a particular religion – Christianity – was created around him.
One of my favorite excerpts from the series, quoting Deepak Chopra, is...

"We have amazing modern capacities to destroy ourselves..." "...there is an urgency...." "The same modern capacity to bring the diabolical also brings the divine... we have the ability to connect with each other, to share our ideas, to share love, to share our caring, to share our compassion... an unprecedente
d capacity that we did not have before."

The free six week series, with Deepak Chopra, begins on Wednesday, October 15th 2008 and continues every Wednesday through November 19th. Tune in at

Oct. 15: Who Is Jesus and Why Does It Matter?
Oct. 22: Opening to the Path
Oct. 29: A New Way of Being
Nov. 5: When the Rubber Hits the Road
Nov. 12: What to Expect When You're Expecting Enlightenment
Nov. 19: Jesus Without Dogma

Please feel free to blog about this event, post it to your calendar or pass it on to friends.
People have even been organizing group viewing parties at homes, bookstores and community centers.
We have study guides available for groups or individuals.
Register at for this free web series.

I'm happy to e-mail you a press release, photos, or video links if you contact me.

John Raatz & Randy Olsen seen, here, at the series taping. Randy is shooting behind the scenes footage while John directs...
Chris Hillman captured us both while photographing on set.

Friday, August 8, 2008

SOS International Climate Change Conference

Recently our core team participated in the International Climate Change Conference held in Los Angeles, at West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center. It was a powerful day of collaboration, education and discussion between world experts, who had come together, to discus solutions for immediate attention and action that is crucial for our ecological existence. The event was webcasted live and covered by the press. The four of us are pictured here with, vegan activist, Howard Lyman (L to R, Bennett Freed, Randy Olsen, Howard Lyman [center], Chris Hillman, & John Raatz).

I am so glad that we attended and participated in this event! When I first learned of the conference, thanks to friend and keynote speaker Scott Badenoch, I could just feel it was one not to miss. And that clearly proved to be true. (Pictured here and below, L to R, Randy Olsen & John Raatz being interviewed on the Green Carpet)

This powerful exchange of ideas, insights and wisdom resulted in significant inspiration for action and change. I was particularly touched when business partner, friend and music manager, Bennett Freed, called me the following day to say how deeply moved and motivated he was to take action from what he learned at the gathering. This continued as person after person expressed how impacted they were from the events of the day. You could feel a genuine desire to make a difference, to change the course of things, to wake up to being more in harmony with nature and our world.

The event was well organized and we were treated with warm hospitality. Pamela Millar of the Green Technology Institute, and her caring team, clearly put a great deal of effort and detail into the planning of the conference hosted by Master Ching Hai.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens (seen here being interviewed on the green carpet) decided to accept the speaking invitation, in spite of his strenuous travel schedule, after I shared that I felt this would be rare and timely opportunity for these world experts to be in one place at one time. Gabriel ended up staying at my home, in West Hollywood, and we shared a delightful, uplifting, insightful conversation on our walk to the conference. It set the tone for an amazing day that would prove to be packed with wonder and enlightenment, concluding with a lovely reception at the nearby Tea Garden on Melrose Avenue where we all had an opportunity for exceptional exchange and socializing.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens is author of the books Spiritual Nutrition; Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine; Conscious Eating; Depression-Free for Life; Sevenfold Peace; Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet; Creating Peace by Being Peace, and There Is a Cure for Diabetes. He is a holistic physician, medical researcher, world-recognized live-food nutritionist, ecological leader, Reiki master, internationally celebrated spiritual teacher, lecturer, culture-bridger, and world peaceworker.

Business partner and friend John Raatz also accepted the keynote invite and shared a panel with Dr. Cousens and Scott Badenoch. Though the day was filled with amazing souls, sharing their insights and wisdom, the panel with John, Gabriel and Scott generated particular enthusiasm from the distinguished audience. (Pictured here, L to R, Scott Badenoch, John Raatz, Gabriel Cousens)

Our own John Raatz has been championing transformational and Enlightened Media longer than just about anyone - having promoted enlightened films like MindWalk, Baraka, A Brief History of Time, What the BLEEP, the Secret, The Celestine Prophecy, Peaceful Warrior, The 11th hour, and now Eckhart Tolle’s upcoming film, Oprah’s webcast with Eckhart Tolle for A New Earth and producing the upcoming webcast for Unity with Deepak Chopra themed to new book, The Third Jesus.

Scott Badenoch, dedicated social entrepreneur, business strategist, legal analysis, green community leader, is Chief Executive Officer of Creative Citizen, an online source for sharing creative solutions to achieve global effects.

It was a delight to meet Dr. Gurminder Singh seen in photos here with John Raatz and our other business partner and friend Chris Hillman below. Dr. Singh is Co-Chairman of Green Technology Institute, an initiative of the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation at UCLA. It seems clear we will surly collaborate with Dr. Singh on mutual visions yet to come. (L to R, Dr. Singh & John Raatz, then Dr. Singh & Chris Hillman).

Howard Lyman, rancher turned vegan and activist, was sued by the Cattleman's Association along with Oprah Winfrey when he was on her show telling the truth about Mad Cow Disease... they both won the case. His book, Mad Cowboy, is a bestseller.

Howard appears in the first photo, at the top of this post, with our team of core partners from The Visioneering Group and Celebrity International Entertainment, now merging together in harmony with one mission.

The live broadcast of the SOS International Climate Change Conference was presided over by anchor woman Jane Velez-Mitchell of CNN & MSNBC, (L to R, below, Jane Velez-Mitchell & Randy Olsen, in a photo by Leslie Goldman - Tea Garden reception photo, above, also by Leslie Goldman).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Delightful Green Shop on Melrose

I just happened to be strolling down Melrose, after having lunched nearby with a friend, when a sidewalk sign saying "Eco Chic," caught my eye, when I read on to see "Earth Day, Every Day" I just had to go in and see if they lived up to their claims. I love Earth Day and the all the well-intended souls that are out in abundance teaching you new planet friendly things and introducing innovative green products. Well this store lived up to its claims capturing the spirit of Earth Day, clearly coming from an authentic place of wanting to be more mindful of the place we live and the impact we make. This delightful store, with a diverse range of products for all ages, was a joy to visit. The merchandise is stylish, quality, and thoughtfully selected. I must say this is one of the best green shops I've experienced. The real deal.

Treat yourself and stop by the Visionary Boutique on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. It's just down the street from the lovely Tea Garden and near the Bodhi Tree Book Store. If you're not in LA many of their adorable products are available on their website.

Visionary Boutique
8568 1/2 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069