Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center - Gabriel Cousens, MD

The moment I saw this photo, of the Labyrinth, I knew I wanted to go to this special place. I said to Michael Bedar, right hand to Dr. Gabriel Cousins and one of the main administrators of the organization, "Where is this? I want to go there!" That was in December '07 and by March of '08 I was in my car driving across the California / Arizona desert on my way to the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona. I had met Michael during a reception following The Eco Gift Expo at the home of Greg Wendt in Santa Monica, California. We connected right away, he told me of his work with Dr. Cousins and The Tree of Life, and I could feel the energy of authenticity and love. I just knew there were special things happening at this place and I knew I had to visit.
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is surrounded, on all sides, by the beautiful Patagonia Mountains. The staff is loving, caring, and thoughtful, and the food is extraordinary. The simple restaurant there has views like very few in the country and each of the day's meals are prepared with love and care.
The all-vegan, lifefood is worth the visit alone. Each day there is yoga, talks, meditation, and classes to choose from. Or you could soak in a hot tub, lie on the sun deck surrounded by nature, go for a hike, and relax in the far inferred sauna at the end of the day. The sunsets there are among some of the most powerful I have witnessed as only the desert, in it's unique and particular style, seems to be able to conjure up.