Friday, January 23, 2009

Palm Springs International Film Festival

This film festival has always been dear to my heart. The energy in which Sony Bono founded it still remains to this day (boy was Sony a nice guy). I have seen some amazing films and met some talented, lovely people, at this festival, over the years (some of which have remained valued friends). One film, that still stands out in my mind, is the documentary on the impact that China's crimes have had on the people of Tibet titled 'What Remains of Us.' If you get the opportunity to experience this film it's worth the time.

This year I was very impressed with the black tie gala awards. The tribute reels were well produced and the evening moved at a good, smooth pace. Among the honorees this year were
Ron Howard, Dustin Hoffman, Clint Eastwood, Anne Hathaway, Gus Van Sant, Sean Penn and others. I was most touched by the Ron Howard tribute... it's clear that this guy is allowing his light to shine. Ever kind, understanding, patient and caring his genuine heart shows
in his work. Ron is a clear example of someone living their purpose, their passion. He loves what he does and does it well, thoughtfully and throughly. He has touched so many in the most positive way, a joy to work with.

Client Eastwood also touched me. Though he often plays the though guy he clearly has a sensitive side. I have always found him to be kind, taking time for most everyone. I was standing backstage, just to his right, as he was watching the tribute reel play prior to being brought on stage. When the clip of his late mother came on screen, her says "I fell in love with him the moment they handed him to me," his eyes welled up with tears.
I felt the sentimental energy and connected to his sensitivity.

I enjoyed this evening and this year's festival. I must say that I have felt a profound shift in the way I approach such events. What's important has shifted and I see things in a very different light. It's easy to iden
tify substance and authenticity now and it's clear that renown should follow substance rather than fame waging the dog.

I did not know Josh Brolin before this evening but I got'a say he was a class act... a nice guy. Gus Van Sant is also worth mentioning... clearly a man that runs deep... quite, deep. Gus was a friend of the late River Phoenix (River was an animal rights supporter and proponent of plant based diets long before it was cool... He paved the way in Hollywood for where we are today... River was a sweet soul, the first person to introduce me to gourmet vegetarian food and explain to me the impacts of meat consumption on our environment and health.

Thank you to all that had a hand in hosting us in the most elegant way.

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