Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May Pang's 'Instamatic Karma' event

When my business partner John Raatz told me to meet him at May Pang's book release party in Santa Monica I had a feeling it would be a special evening, and it was. First off I fell in love with May's book, 'Instamatic Karma,' a collection of never before seen photos showing a side of John Lennon seldom seem. May Pang took these photos of John, and many of his friends, during their 18 month "lost weekend" relationship. The photos, tucked aways in a shoebox in May's closet, captured John in relaxed, candid ways that no one else did (as May tells it). The book is very interesting, well laid out and designed. Worth having, I must say. I purchased a couple of copies which May thoughtfully signed for me. One copy will be a gift for my dear brother Walter who is a Beatles fan (if he's reading this I'm blowing the surprise).

I captured May continuing the presidence of her candid photography as she snapped this self-portrait of her and Jack Oliver, former president of the Beatles' Apple Records corporation, in the wake of their joyful reunion. I liked Jack the moment I met him... he's a genuinely nice guy and clearly coming from a place of passion.

It's worth noting that May also designs a line of Fug Shui jewelry and furniture. Her 'Instamatic Karma' book tour continues around the country and her photos will be on exhibit, along with Nancy Lee Andrews 'A Dose of Rock-n-Roll' book photos, at the June Kelly Gallery in SoHo, NYC during the summer.