Monday, July 25, 2011

Jack Oliver former President of The Beatles' Apple Records - Currently Developing Films and Other Projects

It is a delight working with collaborative development partner Jack Oliver these past number of years now. This article features Jack, former Beatles' Apple Corps executive and President of the renown Apple Records. Jack's impressive history has never stopped writing itself with one significant accomplishment after another, right up to what he's currently got going.

But Jack's bio speaks for itself...

Jack Oliver was born and raised in London, England and got his start in the music industry at Chappell’s Music Publishing on Bond Street. After two years at Chappell’s, he formed a band with songwriter, Gary Osborne called “The Chocolate Watchband.” The band signed with
Decca Records, but after severalsuccessful singles -- disbanded.

In 1967, Oliver joined from the Beatles Company, Apple in the music publishing division. After working with famed Apple publicist Derek Taylor, he also managed Mary Hopkin when she was first signed. Oliver became the Head of Apple Records from 1969 – 1971

When the Beatles split in 1971, Oliver moved to Los Angeles, California wh
ere he partnered with Peter Asher in a firm specializingin management, production and publishing for acclaimed artists such as Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

Oliver went on to produce concerts and tours in the United States and abroad for Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Barbara Streisand, Carole King, America, The Motels and The Eagles. In addition, he produced videos and handled product management for Disney Pictures, Jordache Jeans, Virgin Video, Datsun Motors, Madonna, and Elton John - plus concept development and production of the long-running Las Vegas show, 'SPLASH.'

From 1994 –2001, Oliverwas a personal advisor and chief of staff for Academy-Award winning actor, Nicolas Cage. In this capacity, Oliver also managed Cage’s production companies -- Saturn Productions and Saturn Films.

Oliver is currently writing and producing. He has three projects in active development, including: a documentary celebrating the Beatles company Apple , a Sixties era musical drama; and his first autobiographical novel.

Jack Oliver and Randy Olsen pictured together (Jack on the right).

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