Saturday, March 8, 2008

Randy Olsen Bio

Randy Olsen is the chief architect and visionary force behind Celebrity International Press. He also heads Celebrity International Entertainment, an entertainment development, marketing and promotion company.

His diverse background includes being a founding consultant, with Dr. Stephen Hadley, of the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific (a marine life research center, rescue and education facility), and to being the producer of major Hollywood events involving studios such as Sony/Columbia, Paramount, NBC, DreamWorks, among others.

Randy’s energetic viewpoint brings excitement to projects, benefiting from his ability to inspire passion. He intuitively knew the best way to announce to the world that the Country Music Awards were coming to New York City by creating one of the most widely viewed marketing launches ever, in a collaboration with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. His productions of Television Anniversary projects and Celebrity Sports Classics have reached worldwide audiences.

“My Mother was a pioneering photojournalist in the sixties.” as Randy tells it. “One of the first women to sit on press association boards, breaking into new areas of media, she was published internationally in United Press International, Time-Life, and the Los Angeles Times.” Accompanying her on assignments Randy learned early on the importance of the media in conveying the brilliance he is able to see in people, products and ideas.

“I succeed in helping others to be successful… by finding the authentic core of their message or idea, and then giving voice to it, empowering it” says Randy. “Bringing clarity to a fragmented and cluttered media landscape, we make sure the message gets through.”

With an amazing vision, a wealth of media experience and business knowledge, Randy brings an elegant and magical life to all that he touches.

This first blog entry is designed acquaint you with Randy Olsen.